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شقق للبيع في مدينة الشروق
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Your Apartment Has Garden, Studio, Storage & Garage !

Project idea is a fruit of an intensive research for Arabic & Egyptian behavior for more than 10 years, the outcome of this research founded the client prefer to own a garden, whether the unit on the ground floor or in the typical floors, So AL Riyadh Misr introduce new era of innovation which produce ground floor with the advantage of typical floors "garden, studio and warehouse in addition to the garage of each unit" with a convenient payment facilities
AL Riyadh Misr introduce new era of propriety solutions for all Middle East customers which produce for each unit in typical ground
• Garden
• Studio
• warehouse 
• Garage
Therefore Riyadh Misr is considered one of the companies that offer residential apartments in accordance with the lifestyle of the Middle East consumer. AL Riyadh Misr seeks to provide the advantages of the compound to a normal apartment by offering a range of residential services which guarantees all customers more security and luxury such as "security cameras, Electronic gates, smart cards, fire extinguishers, elevators, Building cleaning, roof garden... etc

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